My treatment philosophy and way of working

I came into this field because I believe that people go through very painful times and situations in their lives and carry the wounds of those things with them everywhere they go. If these wounds aren't processed in some way, the full potential of the individual is not allowed to come forth. Manifestations of trauma, loss and life fatigue are numerous and so destructive.



I have been trained in the tradition of C.G. Jung. He believed that the Self is always working its way towards wholeness. To me this means that even when we find ourselves in addictions or in relationships that are not good for us or jobs that hurt our spirit etc., there is a way that our inner self is trying very hard to communicate with us, to lead us in a more positive direction.

When I work with a client, I want to know what she or he loves in life and longs for and feels unworthy of. When we can explore these things together and work in a progressive fashion, we can get to the elixir of life that is waiting to be discovered within. Then the person can move forward, towards the light of their own spirit. This is hope!

In technical terms, I use a variety of methodologies depending on what is called for for the particular presenting issue. This could mean that we use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques together to identify thought patterns that are counterproductive in the person’s life. We will always be working in a way that enhances self-exploration and a relaxation into the self.

I work with addictive disorders and eating disorders in a multi-layered way, using concrete tools as well as dream work and Jungian methods. 

The relationship between me and a person coming to therapy is also very important. Trust is vital for any therapeutic relationship to function and I focus on establishing an atmosphere of warmth to relax into.








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