Maximize Your Potential

Have you ever wondered what is holding you back?

You may have had dreams in your life that fell by the wayside while you were busy doing other things like earning a living, supporting your family, making your partner happy, making your parents happy.

These are all honorable pursuits.

Somehow though, your dreamed about passion was left unfulfilled.


Or perhaps it is more of the cumulative effect of life, wearing you down. There are a multitude of reasons why a person does not reach his or her full creative potential. Here are a few worth mentioning:


Negative thought patterns. This could be the voice that tells you not to advance or try something challenging for fear of failing, for fear of what others may think, for fear of the pain of not achieving your objective.


Obligations to others. Hesitating because you feel that it is wrong to put your own needs or dreams first. This is a big one for both men and women. But actually, the person you become by being in the process of reaching for higher and more interesting goals has more self esteem and has more to offer. This makes you more valuable to yourself, and this shows in your relationships with others.


Unknown Blocks. These could be anything from a message you got early in life about yourself and your worth to simply a lack of exposure to the possibilities that life could hold for you if you simply open yourself to them. This could also be the effect of a trauma or traumas you have encountered in life.

Together, we can investigate what it is that is holding you back in life. The first step is the willingness to look. Then the creative process can proceed from there.

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