Tapping the Source in Recovery

Recovery from addiction (alcohol and/or drugs) is a great thing. However you manage to stop using the substance you have been addicted to, stopping is the beginning of a whole new existence. Staying stopped  requires a plan for recovery. You may have this plan through Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, Rational Recovery, Smart Recovery or an aftercare plan from your treatment center.

After a period of recovery, many people find themselves feeling stuck, bored, uninspired, unmotivated, and undeserving. You may find yourself frightened of the prospect of change while at the same time saying to yourself, “Something’s got to change!” You may have even felt like using your old substance or something else because the feelings I am describing have come up and you just don’t want to feel them anymore.


“Tapping the Source in Recovery” is about living your life to the fullest and realizing your potential now that you are free from the addictive substances. Each group session is 90 minutes. Group topics are designed to investigate what is blocking you from moving forward in your life in the way you truly want to. Processing feelings while discovering solutions together will be central. Safety, curiosity, genuine caring and respect create the container to allow for this to take place. 

Some of the issues that we will work on are the following:
Finding out what you want-This is harder than it sounds

  • Getting Unstuck-
  • Finding out  what you  want-This is harder  than it  sounds
  • Seeking out mentors
  •  Acknowledging your Shadow
  • Transforming  Toxic Relationships  
  •  W/ Family 
  • W/ Friends and Romantic  Partners
  • The Problem of Dwelling
  • Get Recovery and Get on With It!
  • Allowing Yourself to Evolve

Call Dr. Broder to find out when the next group begins.

There are 12 group sessions in the cycle. Groups are 90 minutes. There is an understanding that all group members intend to attend all group sessions. Payment arrangements are made in advance with Dr. Broder. She can be reached at 415-789-7691.

Dr. Broder has been working with recovering persons since 1989  on issues that surround addiction recovery development. She focuses on helping people get past the obstacles that are blocking them from experiencing a full life and a creative recovery. 

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