Addiction Recovery

Recovery from addictions is a specialty of mine. I have been working with people struggling with drug and alcohol issues for more than 20 years now.

I can answer specific questions related to your situation when you call.


After getting off whatever substance you have been battling, there is the business of living your life. Addiction to anything keeps a person from fully living. Once the using stops, how do you negotiate life, stay stopped and fully engage in the present with your new found freedom?


This is where therapy can be most beneficial. I can help you uncover what you have been pushing down all these years in the safety of an environment well suited for this purpose. I will give you tools for you to be able to navigate the world with all of its challenges, without resorting to the old pattern of using drugs or alcohol.


But more than that is the discovery of who you really are and who you can become without the encumbrance of a time consuming, financially draining and negative albatross around your neck. Recovering people are among the most creative and passionate people around. Unleashing all of the previous locked away talent, inspiration, love and beauty is an amazing thing to experience.


How about starting today?

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