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2014 Psychologist of the Year
2016 Lifetime Achievement Award
2018 President of the Santa Clara Psychological Association
2019 Outstanding Chapter under the leadership of Dr. Sally Broder

Sally Broder, Psy.D., is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She provides psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, and families. She is  licensed in the states of California and Kentucky.

Dr. Broder is a Treating Clinician for the NFL Program for Substances of Abuse and the NBA Anti-Drug Program.

Here is a link to Dr. Broder's appearance on the ABC News Program, Beyond the Headlines, with Cheryl Jennings. Click here.


Dr. Broder specializes in helping individuals get in touch with what is making them feel stuck in life, sapping them of precious energy. Feelings of depression, sadness, anxiety and overwhelm can prevent one from moving forward.


Often issues related to trauma and the effects of trauma in one’s life can have these results. This includes trauma from early in life as well as the kind that occurs as a result of a violent incident, war-related trauma, interpersonal violence, sexual trauma and others.


Issues that come about as a result of trauma can include addictions, relationship difficulties, work-related problems, and family communication issues.


Sometimes one can have difficult time transitioning through periods of change, like marriage, divorce, parenting, educational milestones and other important times.


Individuals may also find themselves feeling at a crossroads, betwixt and between, and not certain how to decide in which direction to go.

 Psychotherapy can help individuals to loosen up a feeling of stuckness. It can also help one to get in touch with themselves on a deeper level.



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